Services for Ministry: 

Commissioning, Induction, Conclusion

Commissioning of Church Councillors

Commissioning of a Pastor

Conclusion of a Placement (SCCP version) 


Services of Ordination and Induction

These are the Order of Service templates as approved by Assembly Standing Committee. Use these as a guide for inviting guests and including people to contribute to liturgy, prayer, music, etc. The final service should be adapted to local presbytery and congregational or Uniting placement needs. The process of creating a liturgy for the induction of a minister needs to be collaborative, as it is a Presbytery service, not a purely local one. Contact the Presbytery Minister or PRC chairperson for help in preparing the service.

Commissioning of a Pastor

Pastors are normally commissioned to their ministries within a usual service of the congregation or faith community, or within the Uniting, school or other facility in which they serve. Pastors need to be re-commissioned in each new placement or position (like a minister’s induction).

Conclusion of a Placement

A brief liturgy to be used by the Presbytery’s representative at the end of the final service in a minister’s placement. The person offering this parting blessing is formally representing the whole presbytery, and may thank the minister for their service to the wider church.
These words must be tailored to include correct information (dates, placement names, etc). They may also be personalised prayerfully to the particular situation and circumstances. They are not trivial or flippant, as leaving a placement is a moment of strong and deep emotion.   The words ‘We release you from this ministry’ are the heart of the whole liturgical action and should be given sensitive stress, so that the congregation and minister hear and appreciate their import.