Life and Witness Committee



Ian Lawrence 
Katrina Freeston
Life and Witness Resourcing Consultant
Rev Fiona Blair
Key Staff Resource
Rev Lorna Martin Rev Sunny Lee Rev Mata Hiliau
Rev Martin Levine Marion Berry Rev Peter Hoe Seung Chung
Rev Jon Humphries Lloyd Robinson Rev Chris Goringe
Jean Bell Philip Bickerstaff Rev Seungjae Yeon
Bob Minton    


Life and Witness Committee Charter

Mandate and Regulations

Resourcing Mission and Ministry

A presentation of the Life and Witness process and what it means for your Church


Team Guidelines

The Consultation Team Guidelines, Templates and Tools.


The step by step process for Life and Witness Consultations.


Presbytery Wide Information Session

Click here to watch the Presbytery Wide Information Session. Some patience may be required; due to size of video may take several minutes to open.