Pastoral Relations Committee


PRC meets approximately every six weeks between Presbytery Standing Committee meetings, at Pymble Uniting Church. Contact the Secretary for meeting dates and deadlines. 


Chair: Rev. Steve Aynsley
Gordon-Pymble UC | UNS
School Chaplaincies
Rev Graham Perry
Presbytery Minister
Staff Resource: Ministry: VIM; 
Mrs Michelle Lombard
Minute Secretary
Training programs

Mr Clive McCormack
Gosford UC | CC Zone
Uniting relations

Rev Greg Woolnough
Epping UC | COR Zone
Training programs
Rev Ingrid Robertson
Willoughby UC | LNS Zone
Synod processes: AOM etc.
Mrs Elizabeth (Liz) Dabbs
Normanhurst UC | B2B Zone
Rev James Aaron
North Ryde CC | COR Zone
Uniting relations
Rev Patty Lawrence
Broken Bay UC | CC Zone
Placements, JNC, TOPs
Rev Richard Harris
Terrigal UC | CC Zone
Placements, JNC, TOPs
Mrs Robyn Harvey
Boronia Park UC | COR Zone
Ministry Profiles, ACOMP
Rev. Ann Hogan
Hornsby UC | B2B Zone
Complex pastoral concerns
Ms Carolyn Handley
N'thn Beaches UC | FAB Zone
Pastors & Lay Presidency


Pastoral Relations Committee Charter
Mandate and Responsibilities

Ministry Committee

is a sub-committee of the PRC, supporting applicants and candidates for the specified ministries of the Uniting Church. 


Most policies and resources of the PRC are linked in the SCCP website through Mission Centres (including Congregations, Schools, Faith Communities, etc.) or Ministry Resources (for people in ministry positions). However some other policies are below: 

Part-time Placements

There are circumstances in which a part-time ministry placement can be a good opportunity for both enriching the mission of the congregation and also enabling a ministry agent to exercise their vocation within restricted hours.
But there are some special considerations surrounding a request for a part-time placement which go beyond a desire for maintenance ministry.

Lay Presidency at the Sacraments

Generally, requests for a person who is not an ordained minister to conduct the sacraments come from the ministry centre (Church Council or Uniting, etc.) to the PRC. Strict conditions apply to the authorisation of Lay Presidents, including: 

  • The person must be a member of the Uniting Church in some recognised leadership role in a congregation or ministry centre, eg. Elder, Pastor, Chaplain. 
  • The person must have completed the Sacraments course offered through UME. 
  • Authorisation will apply only within their specified place(s) of ministry (eg. a Chaplain serving several facilities). Different places of ministry will require a request from the leadership of each place (eg. for a Uniting Chaplain also to preside in a local congregation, the CC will need to request authorisation for their setting.)
  • In Uniting placements, authorisation will usually be given only for people exercising the ministry of Chaplain or Chaplain Coordinator. Pastoral Practitioners will not usually be authorised. 
  • In Church schools, the lay minister will be a Chaplain or Pastor commissioned by the Presbytery and School. 
  • In accordance with the Regulations, authorisations will be renewed annually on request of the placement.