Resources for Churches and Communities of all kinds

Congregations and Placements, Faith Communities and Chaplaincy locations, etc. etc. 

There are many documents and templates to guide Congregations and other mission centres with the placement of Ministers and the employment of lay ministry staff. Some of these have been specifically tailored to suit the needs of placements in the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery. Please look below to find and use the most recent version, rather than one you found in an old filing cabinet.

The employment of other ministry staff, whether ministry of Pastor or another lay ministry role, must be done following the Synod's employment guidelines on the Human Resources page. Position descriptions must first be sent to the Pastoral Relations Committee

There may be other materials to help you determine the shape of your community and how it can best govern its life to grow and succeed at your specific gift and mission. Look below or contact the presbytery secretaries for further guidance.

Planning for New Ministry

Ministry Extension beyond the tenth year

Life and Witness Consultations

  • Life and Witness Handbooks


Faith Communities?

Faith Communities Policy in the SCCP

Congregation or Faith Community? 

Mission Pathways Partnering or Merging Congregations