Tertiary Chaplaincy Reference Committee

The TCRC will articulate a direction and strategy for Tertiary Ministry in the life of the Presbytery and promote the development of Tertiary Ministry among Congregations and other mission centres. TCRC is par of the expression of the Presbytery’s commitment to ministry in the ‘first third of life’ and relate to the Presbytery Young People Project.



Rev Greg Woolnough


Rev Nicholas Fried

Eastwood UC

Rev John Dacey

Macquarie University Chaplaincy

Rev Ace Kim

One Heart





Mr Chris O'Brien

Epping UC

Rev Fiona Blair

Presbytery Minister - Growth and Mission

Rev Graham Perry

Presbytery Minister - Ministry Wellbeing

Ms Emma Jackson

Current Student





Ms Angie Sang-Yum

Mission Worker

Mr Mikali Anagnostic

Mission Worker




The Tertiary Chaplaincy Reference Committee Charter

Mandate and Responsibilities